“19 Days of Christmas”

The gift ideas just keep on coming.  Day 19 of the countdown and yet another thing on my list.  Pictured above is a desk.  This desk belongs in an office. I need an office at my home.  One problem: the room that was supposed to be “my” office has been “surprisingly” claimed by my wife.  The thing is though, she won’t choose a desk to put in the room.  Let me explain.

I started this blog in March 2019 at my wife’s insistence. My father-in-law had encouraged me to do it years ago so I finally took the initiative to get started.  I read through some previous journals and songs to formulate ideas.  Chose a name. Chose a host site. Finally, I chose a comfortable place in my home to think and to write. It was my little corner in the dinette area that no one seemed to pay attention to.

Fast forward to March 2020. My wife is now working from home due to COVID. My schedule is temporarily altered.  My sons’ work schedules are reduced.  Everyone is home together more often. Space, particularly my space, is at a premium.  The unfinished part of the basement housed my music room. My oldest son has that. The finished and furnished part of the basement was my “cave”.  My youngest son has that. So I relegated myself to a small corner in the dinette that NO ONE used regularly, called it my “life corner”. That has become the wife’s home office.

So one day back in June while doing some “Spring” cleaning I decided to make our spare bedroom my space, my office, my “life corner” as you will. I started checking out desks, flooring and furniture. One day while having dinner I shared the idea with my family. Before I even finished my thought, my wife says,”Hey, I have an idea. I can make THAT room MY office since I work from home and don’t know when I’ll return to work!” And just like that I lost MY home office before I ever sat at MY desk……..

Ok. That was in June. It’s now December. Room still empty. Why? My wife has taken seven months to choose a desk. SEVEN MONTHS MAN! You would not believe her excuses. Anyway, here is what I want for today’s gift. PLEASE HELP ME CHOOSE A DESK FOR MY WIFE SO I CAN HAVE MY HOME OFFICE. That way I can finally have a wall to decorate with a picture of this crazy Koenigsegg Jesko so I can dream as I write. ‘Tis the Season….

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