“Condoleeza Rice Deserves Wider Recognition (and RESPECT!)

Condoleezza Rice should be more respected and accepted, particularly in the black community. Her life, her career, her accomplishments and her legacy are SECOND TO NONE, regardless of race, gender, creed, religion, background, beginnings or political affiliation.

Her accomplishments are too many to list here, but you are missing out on a tremendously great American story if you don’t know hers. As a Republican and George W. Bush appointee (National Security Advisor and Secretary of State) she was under appreciated and her achievements not fully accepted.

Joe Biden’s choices to fill positions in his administration are drawing praise for diversity and inclusion, especially for the number of women. Many are women of color, including Vice President elect Kamala Harris. This is noteworthy and Joe Biden should be commended. So please consider this…..

About fifteen years ago Condoleezza Rice was the fourth ranking member of the United States government as Secretary of State. As a classically trained pianist she performed with world renowned Yo-yo Ma (look him up too). As if that were not enough she recently served on the College Football Association playoff board. That ain’t even half of what she’s done. Oh yeah, did I mention that she’s a black woman?

Put some respect on her name y’all. Think about it. Smart, talented, accomplished, diverse, wealthy, connected. Her political views (understandably opposed by many in the black community) simply aren’t enough to overshadow what she has done and they should not anyway. Condoleezza Rice. A real, modern American success story that black America should know and be proud of.

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