“12 Days of Christmas”

Aaah. 12 days left. Here is a trio of gifts shown from the most practical to the least practical. It’s difficult to choose just one, so let me make a case for either of them.

At the top is the Ryobi electric riding lawn mower.  I don’t have a huge lawn, but it is just at the edge of being too large for a walk behind mower for a man my age.  It takes me about 40 minutes to cut, not counting edging, trimming and cleanup.  The Ryobi riding mower could do the job in 20 to 30 minutes.  In addition it can accept a plow and pull double duty removing snow. And it’s the least expensive at about $3000.

Next we have the Can Am Renegade ATV. I would use this primarily for snow removal (a plow can be attached) and recreation.  If I had one I’d clear snow for all of my neighbors, just in case they are reading this……Not as practical as the lawn mower and more than three times the cost at about $9000, but the bad ass looks and tough stance would add some serious “cool cred” to my garage.

Last but most certainly not least we have the Triumph Street Triple RS motorcycle.  As it does not cut grass nor remove snow it provides the least practicality of the three.  However its appeal is twofold: there would probably be no snow in sight while riding AND it would make me forget about cutting my grass. I’m in! Toss in these specs: 430 pounds, 120 horsepower. What more need be said?  The $12,000.00 price tag makes it more expensive than the other two combined, but in return it provides exponentially more fun!

Tough choice I say.  Hey, notice that they all share the same color scheme? Coincidence?  May be, but maybe its a sign.  Maybe SOMEONE WANTS ME TO HAVE ALL THREE!  I know I do. Just think, all three could be had for $24,000.00, one tenth of the price of the McLaren 600LT! Thanks family and friends. You are too kind! ‘Tis the Season…..

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