“10 Days of Christmas”

It is getting really close.  December 15, ten days away!

My children are young adults, long past the adolescent years of awaiting the newest toys. Their parents are way past the ages at which they had to to stay up all night to wrap gifts.  And even though the luster of the commercial side of Christmas has diminished over time, there is something about Christmas music that always puts you in the spirit.

Every year around December 1st I start to play Christmas songs.  The old classics, the new classics, the black artists, the white artists, I like them all.  These songs take me back to my childhood, to all of my family and friends. And every Christmas for the past twenty I remind myself to send Christmas cards to as many people I can gather addresses for.  Which brings me to today’s gift wish.

For Day 10’s Christmas gift I ask for forgiveness.  Yes, I truly ask all of my family and friends to forgive me for procrastinating.  Each Christmas I plan to collect addresses and send actual Holiday cards via “snail mail”.  I plan to have them mailed by the 10th, two weeks from the 25th.  And every year I miss my self imposed deadline and then not send cards at all.  So please forgive me for this.

So, through the wonders of modern technology, and with the help of my S10 Plus (no iPhone) I’m sending EVERYBODY my version of an e-card this year. I am going to re-post these pictures with names attached as we move closer to the Day.  Whether named or not these cards are for everyone who reads them. I sincerely wish you all the Merriest Christmas and the Happiest Holidays! ‘Tis the Season….and much love!

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