“9 Days of Christmas”

Laughter is a good thing. It’s a good thing for two reasons: one, you have to smile on your way to laughing and two, laughter is great for the body’s biochemistry. Doesn’t everyone like a good laugh? So I have an idea.

For today’s gift idea I hope that we all share as many laughs as we can possibly handle this Holiday Season. I’m serious! Share a funny story, make someone laugh.

I have two Holiday stories that I’d love to share and when time allows I will. They are rather long but never fail to deliver big laughs whenever I tell them (just ask my brother-in-law CJ!) . In the meantime I have a suggestion. I love comedy and recently I’ve been catching up on some of my favorites.

Whenever you get the chance please check out Tracy Morgan’s “Prince” story with both Queen Latifah and Conan. The facial expressions and “attitude” had me dying! Also watch Dave Chappelle’s skit about Jussie Smollet. Man if you haven’t seen this……..just watch what I tell you!

If you have a good story or a suggestion please share. Oh, one more thing. If you are not familiar with a comedienne named Nikki Glaser (adults only!) check out her “hastily packed suitcase” routine. It will make you smile (and blush)……Remember I owe you two of my own stories: “My Dirtbike is Alive” and “Dodge Ball is Not a Game”. Lol! ‘Tis the Season…..

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