“8 Days of Christmas”

Can you believe that there are only eight days until Christmas?  Man the time goes by faster each year!  Thanks to all who follow my blog and read my posts. I hope you enjoy my experiences and perspective.  I appreciate your interest. 

Well I have eight more gifts on my list. Today I need your undivided attention.  I need all hearts and minds open and aware. Today’s gift wish is real in every sense.  I wish that all who are able will donate to a reputable charity of your choice this Holiday Season.  Any resource that you have would be sincerely appreciated.

Several years ago my then current employer started an aggressive campaign for all employees to donate to the United Way. Through this organization a person could donate to a local community based nonprofit.  Many employees, including myself, participated.  I, along with a few other guys from the area, chose the local Boys and Girls Club and we were proud to help support the cause. 

We participated for a few years until it was reported that the CEO of United Way was “misappropriating funds”.  Over the years I had donated sparingly to other charities but not at the level I had with the Boys and Girls Club. 

Three years ago, a new employer this time, offered a similar opportunity.  However, this employer had specific charities that they supported, all for children. Many of them focused on children unfortunately suffering from illnesses including cancer. I participated once again and felt good about my contribution helping in some way.

Cancer cures and treatments are very personal to me as my family has been affected by this disease for some time.  And so, this year I appreciate the gift of being able to donate once again.  Pediatric cancer, to me, is the most difficult to imagine and to accept. That’s why I’ve decided to donate to organizations that offer support to kids and families dealing with this heart wrenching issue.  If able, please find a charity of your choice and offer whatever you can. It will make the Holiday Season better for us all. ‘Tis the Season……

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