“6 Days of Christmas”

Less than a week left until Christmas. Six gift ideas to go. 

Way back in the early 1990s I was working at Anne Arundel Community College. Every spring a group of well-dressed gentlemen would come to the campus and hand out these Bibles. As soon as I’d arrive at work they would eagerly, but respectfully, approach and hand one to me. At one point I had three.  I kept one in my car, one in my bag and one on my dresser. Never attempted to read any of them. 

As noted previously I was not raised in the church, but my grandmother, great aunts, great uncles and some aunts attended regularly.  Prayer and worship were constant events in my household.  So was Gospel music.

I was early in my bass playing development at this time and decided to teach myself to read music. Bought a couple of beginner books and was on my way. Having been asked to play in church a number of times I realized the importance of knowing hymns, which I knew exactly none.

So, for Christmas that ensuing year a friend asked what I wanted for a gift. I requested a Hymnal which I did not receive.  So I went to a local Christian Book store in search of said Hymnal and was surprised to see so many versions of the Bible. This peaked my interest.

Upon returning home I grabbed the small green Bible off of my dresser. I starting reading first out of curiosity and then for education.  The more I read the more I appreciated the wisdom it contained. Not revealing this to anyone I tried to read some everyday. Either before work or immediately after I found verses that helped me through the day. 

Those three pocket-sized Gideon Bibles remained constant companions for some twenty years or so, until “middle-aged” eyesight and newer modern translations forced me to read other versions. I think I still have one of them.

This brings us to the gift for Day 6 of Christmas.  I ask that we share a Bible verse with someone we love.  A spiritual vitamin goes a long way in helping to balance out you day.  If you’ve never read the Bible take it from someone who was in that same place.  You will find a lifetime’s worth of wisdom and a stronger sense of purpose once you do.  ‘Tis the Season.

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