“Christmas Wishes Do Come True, Even For Older Folks”

Finally. Got my S10 Plus to connect to my JBL Charge! A year in the making. I can reclaim MY portable speaker from my family of iPhone snobs.

Last year I asked for this very thing for Christmas. I created a “25 Days of Christmas” list and on Day 11 I wished for my phone and speaker to communicate with one another. I tried everything, or so I thought. This past weekend I went to purchase a new speaker and decided to research further as I couldn’t make up my mind.

In the meantime I decided to reach out to JBL and Samsung for help. After being told that I may have software compatibility issues it was suggested that I go ahead and try a new speaker. I asked customer service if they had experienced any other speaker/phone combinations having similar issues and they had not.

Just before ending the call the tech asked if I had ever reset my speaker. I had not. So I did. Merry Christmas! The “beautiful sound of hi def digital music playing through a Bluetooth portable speaker”! (I still prefer analog. Translation for the uninitiated: vinyl record on a turntable)

I am very grateful for this “Christmas” gift even if it arrived a little late. Maybe there is a chance for the other 24 on the list after all.

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