“The Bright Side Of Social Media”

Signs of the times

“Social media”. Who wants to “talk” to people via a computer? Why would anyone pick up a “telephone” to “write” a message? Lol! I vividly recall having these questions as conversation pieces with friends and coworkers some years ago, mid 90s maybe…. Amazingly some of these folks were Computer Science majors and IT students. For real! As for me, I could have never seen myself wasting time “texting” somebody when I could “simply pick up the phone and call them”. Well……

February 2021. Through the wonders of social media I recently had the pleasure of “talking” to all of my best friends simultaneously even though they happen to live in different states and countries.

Social media often receives negative publicity for being a vehicle for those with not so good intentions. That’s fair. On the other hand look at the bright side. Look at how connected we are to those whom we wish to communicate. Family and friends are just a “follow” or “friend” or “tweet” or “pin” or “channel” away. I know, that was a lot.

I’m glad I finally warmed up to texting, and social media too for that matter. Simple thing, but isn’t it funny how using a resource for good can promote good. Yep, despite being a prime destination for many things undesirable, social media does in fact have a bright side.

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