“It’s Complicated”

February 7, 2021

Ah snow.  Snow and I have a complicated relationship.  It’s been this way for some time going back to my childhood.  I’ve accepted Snow for what it is and even tried to like it, but for some reason or another we just cannot find common ground. 

When Snow and I first met we hit it off pretty good.  I was an adolescent, spending my winter days either in a school classroom or at home doing homework as I recall.  Snow was a blessing, a welcomed companion who provided days off from school.  A good friend indeed.  Snow days allowed all the community kids to enjoy sledding down “the hill” as opposed to staring out of their classroom windows.  At night we’d faux “ice skate” on the creek that ran behind some of the homes, too much fun to be had as this was usually a coed activity….Our parents often wondered how we could stay out so long and late without getting cold…….😉!

As well as being a good friend, Snow was a good motivator, at least for me.  When the forecast predicted Snow my peers would be ecstatic, happy for the anticipated time off from school and another day to put off homework.  I, for reasons I yet can explain, hated the predicted Snow.  I dreaded hearing it. I would do ALL of my homework just in case Snow decided not to show up.  I’d be ready either way. 

See what I mean?  I enjoyed Snow after it arrived but did not enjoy hearing its impending arrival.  You know, its like we had to alter our entire existence just because “Snow” said so.  Still rubs me the wrong way.  Furthermore, I love the Spring and every Snow day seemed to push Spring back accordingly.  This was not good for me mainly for two reasons: one, Spring gave me super powers.  Whatever I could do during the other seasons I could do three times as much during Spring.  If you don’t believe me just ask my parents who made me do three times as much work during Spring compared to the other seasons.  Reason two: GIRLS!  As a young boy there was NOTHING more beautiful or desirable than Spring time and seeing the lovely young ladies dressed in their Spring time finest.  And Snow was not gonna get in the way of that I didn’t care HOW many days we got off from school.  As a point of emphasis to show how much power the Spring gave me I’ll share this with you: my kids were born in January and February.  Do the math…….

As we’ve matured through the years Snow and I have developed a deeper understanding of our relationship.  I can now admit that Snow has a certain inner beauty, it is not just a  “convenient superficial friend who gives me things”.  And Snow has accepted me for who I am, a middle-aged man with specific expectations. 

Watching Snow fall is theraputic for me. Snow inspires me to be introspective, inspires me to write, inspires me to think. In return I give Snow its respect, I allow it to share my space, I don’t curse its’ existence.  Snow appreciates why I prefer a job that has a liberal leave policy, not one where I was deemed “essential” and therefore had to get to work early during a Snow fall.  Yes, we’ve come a long way Snow and I.

But, for the life of me I still cannot understand why Snow has to be so egocentric, so cold weather dependent.  Snow is also a media hog!  The arrogance! Such a diva! And when will it ever learn to clean up after itself?  Man I hate shoveling!

Snow and me.  Yea, it’s complicated….

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