“Amendment To Something New”

At the start of the New Year I posted an article titled “Something New” in which I revealed my desire to fully embrace modern technology.  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the wonder, capability and convenience of it, but I’m the kind of person that likes to get the most out things.  Couple that with the fact that I can adapt to my environment too comfortably (and a I don’t spend a lot of money on myself) and you soon realize that the “latest and greatest” usually is not a priority for me. 

However, over time a person’s priorities can change, or evolve so to speak.  Our daily lives are so dependent on and integrated with technology and artificial intelligence that we’d literally struggle to survive without it.

Which brings us to the Samsung Wireless Earbuds pictured above.  I would not have imagined that something so simple, so non essential, could impact my life so positively. 

January 8th is my birthday.  Around that time I was having dinner with my family and I casually (and sarcastically) reminded them of the gifts that I had not received for my birthday, one being a set of wireless ‘buds.  My son and his girlfriend were there and had a good laugh as I rattled off a long list of items that would “bring me into the 21st Century”.  Lo and behold, a couple of days ago they handed me my first set of wireless earbuds. 

Not being tethered to my phone has added time to my life. I can now simultaneously listen to music while getting other things done.  Walk away from my phone.   Eat. All good stuff.  One thing tbough. When lying down listening to music I get so comfortable without the wires that I easily fall asleep with earbuds in and phone on the floor. I’m startled out of my unintended nap by some random song or ad playing continuously. Hey, no one said adapting to modern technology was gonna be easy……

So there it is. Another step toward living on the “technology” edge. New wireless earbuds. My S10 Plus connecting to my JBL Charge. Thanks to my birthday angels I’ve achieved a new milestone. 2021 is off to a great start!

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