The Corner

Yes, finally! I have my corner of the world back. This is the space where “The Real Life Corner” started. Situated between the family room and the kitchen, it splits the difference between the TV and the fridge. A convenient place for a surgically repaired right knee and a jealeous left one.

A year ago this space became prime real estate for children out of school and a wife working from home. Consequently I found other places to think and write, namely my music room and the spare bedroom. Well, the music room was annexed by the children and the bedroom was claimed by the wife as “her” office. Oh, okay…..

It took a year but the transition is nearly complete. The bedroom is actually an office, OUR office. The long awaited desk is here. Her company issued equipment arrived so I get my “music laptop” back. Life is getting better.

Last year I asked for this as a Christmas gift on Day 19. Another late arrival, but thankful nonetheless.

Now, the question is how do I get my music room back? Maybe I’ll mention the garage as bait and see if amyone will want to move out there……..

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