“Summer Nights”

Looking out of my window on an August summer night.  On this particular night, for some unknown reason, I am reminded of summer nights of my youth. I lived with my grandmother in those days. She was not fond of air conditioning so I kept a fan in my bedroom window. I did not have a television in my bedroom so I could listen to music without distractions. That was a good thing.

I can hear the fan blowing, doing it’s best to cool the room. My favorite songs playing in the background: “Star of a Story” by Heatwave, “Every Generation” and “Stay Awake” by Ronnie Laws, “Walk Into Sun” by Central Line, “Drop The Bomb” by Trouble Funk, “Body Moves” by Rare Essence, “One Of Those Nights” by Billy Ocean, “Funkin For Jamaica” by Tom Brown, “Planet Rock” by Soulsonic Force, “Journey” by NYC Peech Boys. I could go on for days. And the lovely “company” that my grandmother allowed to visit me….I had no idea how lucky I was!

Time goes on. I yearn for the feeling of leisurely innocence that those summer nights afforded. All of us neighborhood kids staying out way later than should have been allowed. Gettin’ lost in all kinds of mischievous activity. But it was wholesome adolescent fun.

Different time, different place. Thank God I had those life experiences. And for the ability to still realize how important they were to me.

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