“A View To A Monday”

Yea, I know it’s Tuesday.  That’s a good thing as Mondays have a way of testing your positivity and your patience. So making Monday go by quickly usually has a positive effect on the rest of your week.  Overcast and dreary Monday mornings are a challenge, making every increment of time last twice as long. 

But this dreary Monday morning was different, peculiar in the sense that it moved by so fast I hardly had time to complain about it. For the first time in my life I felt compelled to photograph my commute to work. It doesn’t take me long to dress and prepare for work but I find that I rush anyway. Some anxiety and refusal to accept the weekend being over play a part in that.

Not this Monday.  I took my time. Ate breskfast at home. Actually turned on the TV for a minute to check the weather. Not a good day for a two-wheeled commute. Okay. Into the car I go. Video or photo of every road traveled. Just because. Familiar radio voices to keep me company.

I arrive. A couple of deep breaths for relaxation before entering the building. Like always twenty minutes before the official “clock” starts. Daily Word, peek at a few of my commute photos and then work begins.

Somehow, the day just disappears. A few photos of my commute home. Wonder what Tuesday would bring…….

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