“A View To A Tuesday”

In my previous post I shared how my dreary Monday went by relatively quickly. Well today is Tuesday, actually Tuesday night. 9:47pm Tuesday night and I realize that I was set up. Yep, that daggone Monday set my ass up!

You see, I never shop during the week. At 9pm on a week night I’m relaxing with music and/or reading. Not this Tuesday night. See, I was supposed to go to Walmart on my way home on Monday, but Monday had me so gassed up I went straight home to practice some bass. So guess when I remembered? Yep, Tuesday night. That damned Monday boy…….don’t make no sense.

So here I am at Walmart at 9 o’clock Tuesday night. Brother out here waxing his truck with the music jumpin. Dude out here yellin at somebody on his phone. Girl out here dressed in a robe lookin like she either just got out of OR just ready to get into bed. But with heels on…..! Always a party out here.

Got home a little past my “bedtime” at 9:30. A little music to set the mood. Wonder what Wednesday has in store for me?

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