“Back To Life….”

Oh well, another weekend over. Monday morning waiting on us. Back to life, back to reality….

You ever have one of those moments where you make yourself laugh? I had one last week.

You see, I was feeling pretty good healthwise. Gettin’ in a little extra walking, waking up even earlier than usual. Was inspired to add some content and to write at times that I normally wouldn’t. And this is where the story begins.

I hear music in my head all of the time. I like to write songs as at one point in my life I hoped to write music professionally. When an idea comes to me I grab the nearest recording medium and vocalise what I hear. Going back some forty years I have thousands of “song ideas” recorded to casette, vhs, reel to reel, micro casette, cd, cd-r, ADAT, Zip drive and mp3.

One day last week, way earlier than I normally would, I recorded one of these ideas. Shortly thereafter I posted some photos for post I had written. I HAD NO INTENTION OF POSTING MY “SONG IDEA”. Inadvertently posted my song idea with the photos. Lol! Mannnn, people started commenting on my “singing”. I had no idea what they were talking about. A little later my wife called me and asked why was singing on social media. What?!?!?!?

I went and checked my sights. Sure enough I hear my voice in all of its glory! I laughed my ass off. Took that post down so fast…. Man people can’t hear my s#@t before its complete! I felt naked knowing that it was out there. There is a silver lining however.

One, to redeem myself I HAVE to finish that song and repost it. Two, I now realize that I’m too old to post to social media before 7am. Especially during the weekdays before work. Speaking of work, tomorrow is Monday. It’s past my bedtime. Good night.

Back to life, back to reality……..

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