“The Danger Zone”

Sunday evenings can be very tricky for me, especially in the fall. The days are shorter and the time seems to move quicker. Add to that the fact that I need a clear calendar between 4 and 8pm on Sundays and you may have some empathy for me.

On this particular Sunday I had plans. I had the house to myself so I looked forward to completing all of the tasks on my self-created list. And I knew that I would finish before that all-too-critical 4pm to 8pm block of time, what I refer to as “The Danger Zone”.

Ahh, The Danger Zone. See, I need my mental energy to be in a certain “space” for Monday morning. To create this “space” I need that four hour block of time to do certain things. If not, my week gets thrown off. I’m in danger of starting my week off on the wrong “mental foot”. Hence the name.

So, today I was supposed to get up at 7. Got up at 9. Was supposed to take a morning ride. Didn’t. Was supposed to cut my grass. Didn’t. Was supposed to practice on electric bass. Guess what? I didn’t. You know what I did?

Woke up at 8:30. Got distracted watching a scary movie called Sandman. It went off at 10. Started watching another scary movie. It went off at noon. Started cooking Sunday dinner. Finished at 3. Watched some football. Done at 4:30. Went for a short ride and put fuel in the bike. Back at 6pm. More football. Game over at 7:30pm.

Oh man not again. Caught in “The Danger Zone”. Nothing done. Except watching scary movies and football, two of my favorite things. As I was going through the guide I noticed that two of my all time favorite movies are on tonight. If, like myself, you get a good laugh out of scary movies you should check these out: “Poltergeist” at 8pm and “Burnt Offerings” at 10pm. Nobody does scary movies like Karen Black did……..

Gonna be a rough Monday morning. It’s October. It’s Sunday. It’s dark and chilly. It’s horror movie and football season.

And I’m in “The Danger Zone”.

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