“The Veil”

I like driving. I like traveling along the roads and highways. Even as a young teenager I would “borrow” my cousins car ( a Datsun B210…..bet you don’t remember those) while she was asleep and drive the local streets with no particular place to go. I’d usually have my two best friends with me.

Once I reached the legal age to drive I was fortunate to have access to my mom’s car. That car took me everywhere. I saw many places and faces courtesy of that Oldsmobile Cutlass “Supreme”. Lol! My two best friends were there for nearly every trip. On one of these trips is where we encountered “the veil”.

It was a warm Saturday night. Steady rain. I had the car. This particular night three of my friends wanted to go to a party in another town about thirty minutes away. Okay let’s go.

We drive out of the community, down a two-lane road. Out onto the main street and onto the highway. Back onto another street and then a dark, unlit two way road. The party was in a community hall behind a commercial plaza . The road leading to it was surrounded by woods and a creek.

We approached the hall facing its back. It was to our left. A sizeable parking lot surrounded the building, but only the front lot had lighting. The rear lot sat between the building to it’s right and woods to it’s left. There were some party goers hanging outside and a few people mingling near the side of the road, seemingly looking into the woods. We looked in the same direction as they did as we got closer to the back of the building.

Then I saw it, I mean her, I mean…….let me explain. Standing about twenty five feet from the edge of the road just near the wooded section was a woman. Yes, I said woman. But not just any woman….She was standing out in the rain. In twelve o’clock midnight darkness. Pointing to the sky. Wearing a wedding dress. A long white nearly opaque veil fell from her face to her chest. She was completely drenched. Stoic face, pointing and looking to the sky.

My friends and I were in disbelief, loudly clamoring about what we just saw, or did not see. So I drove around again after passing her, and she was still there. To the amazement of my bewildered friends I drove around yet a third time, and this time she stared right at us, still motionless otherwise. Still pointing to the sky.

I felt compelled to stop, but trepidation as well as opposition from my fellow riders would not allow me.

We never made it to the party. We told some others about the lady in the veil.

They did not believe us………

But she was there. And so was her veil.

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