“If Every Day Was A Saturday”

One of these Saturdays…….

I wish every day felt like Saturday.  I’d sleep better at night.  My days would last a little longer.  I might laugh a lot more.  Would definitely smile a lot more.  Probably would have more hair.  And fewer gray hairs…… I’d be in better shape because I would excercise more.  Come to think of it I would have to excercise more because I would eat less healthy. I wouldn’t feel the urge to do EVERYTHING at the same time ALL OF THE TIME  which would reduce my anxiety.  I could listen to more music.  I could PLAY more music.  Maybe I’d get better at playing music….I could spend more time with family.  Stay more connected with friends.  Not dread the all too inevitable “Monday Morning”. 

Well today is Sunday.  A new week.  Let me see how many “Saturday” things I can get done today.  Guitars for breakfast sounds good……

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