“Hearing Things”

Anyone who knows me will tell you how important Sunday evenings are to my weekday productivity. The block of time from 4pm to 8pm on Sunday is critical to my mental acuity for the rest of the week. Crucial. Sometime in my mid to late twenties I discovered that going to bed by 10pm on Sunday nights really sharpened my focus for the following days and nights.

Keep that in mind. Hey, you ever did something that you KNEW you were gonna regret, but you just HAD to do it?!? See, I hear sounds in my head man. Been hearing them for as long as I can remember. Mainly music and musical instruments. All of the time. I may even hear voices. Singing voices, okay? Don’t judge unless you’ve never heard a voice in your head……..Fair?

These sounds call out to me and sometimes I just have to listen. This past Sunday was one of those occasions. It was the perfect storm. I was home alone. It was early, about 2pm. Dinner was cooked. My laundry was done. My grass had been cut. I had been out on the bike for a few hours already. Perfect. I had that all too rare “time to myself” moment.

So the creative urge forced me to turn on all of my instruments. First plugged in my bass then turned on the amp. Next plugged in the guitar and turned on the amp. Then my looper pedal. Then my computer and interface and midi keyboard. Plugged in my condenser mic. Opened up Studio One 5. Then the monitors. Then it hit me. This is the first time in weeks that all of the instruments were on at the SAME time. Yep.

It was 3pm. What seemed like a few minutes later I had recorded some sounds that I had carried around in my head for days. It was 11pm. Time for an MP3 file. 12 midnight. Listen to the recording. 1:30am. What seemed like minutes later it was 6:15am. Time to get ready for work. On a Monday morning. With barely four hours of sleep. It’s already been a long week. And I’m already hearing more sounds.

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